Anonymous Blitzkrieg: Hactivists declare war on Neo-Nazis

Supoorters of the extreme right National Democratic Party of Germany (AFP Photo DDP/ Henning Kaiser Germany Out)

Activists of the Anonymous online hacker community have launched a web campaign against German neo-Nazi and other far-right sites. Their website makes it obvious the hactivists favor the Wikileaks strategy.

A statement alleged to be attributed to the Anonymous group announced the start of what it calls Operation Blitzkrieg, stating the goal of identifying “sites where the nazis gather.”

The campaign started with publishing a list of names and personal data, including e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, of those who Anonymous consider linked to the National Democratic Party (NPD), an extreme-right political party in Germany, donating to it, or alleged to have had some business with various extreme-right sites.

Emails of NPD members and customer lists from far-right shops have been posted online for public access as part of the operation. Some of those who wrote for the Junge Freiheit (Boys Freedom) newspaper are also on the ‘black’ list, which contains hundreds of names.

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